Wednesday, December 14, 2011


By Oyelakin Gbolahan Pearl

“In the last days…” 2 Timothy 3:1-17. 

The times and seasons we live in today are as such that there is chaos, and disturbing disorderliness in the nature and modes of human disposal. Logic is alien to reason and reason alien to logic. A situation where what in the actual sense should be the norm has been misplaced with abnormal practices embraced and taken as the acceptable culture. Anyone who violates this new age culture is taken as an outcast. In fact, the trendy is that one has to dare the unimaginable odds to make an illogical impact.
The intrinsic challenge which has aroused so much curiosity in the minds of those who care is the truth about how the minds of many young men and women (youths) are fast taking away from their Creator – God. Many of them are losing their sense of God. The devil knows quite well that, once a man loses the consciousness of God, it will be almost impossible to stop him from indulging in “Self” or the practice of sins. As young minds lose their sense of God, sins become prevalent. People have become lovers of themselves (men), money, mantle (positions), materialism,  
Modern technology and advancement in technological know-how has done lots of harm than good to us. One does not need to go extra miles to commit atrocities and give in to sinful pleasures; opportunities are abundantly delivered to us at the tip of a finger on a daily basis. Even when you think you have a strong-will not to follow the multitude in sinning, the temptations strictly appealing to your indulgence never stop knocking at the door.
For those who are victims of these calamities, there is hope. For those who are in the acts consciously or unconsciously, this is a genuine summon for a second thought to stand out. And for those who have enjoyed the sure mercies of God so far so good, I encourage you to press on and keep on standing out for Him.
God is out seeking for those young people that will relinquish their pleasures and stand out for Him. Otherwise, there lie ahead great perils for the coming generations. Where are the youths that will redefine the social culture? Where are the youths who will reorder the social system? Where are the youths that will collect the batons of truth from our faithful fathers, run successful with (the knowledge of) the truth and deliver faithfully to the coming faithful generation? Where are the youths that will stand out for God? Where are the youths that will uphold His words and obey in love? Where are the youths that will be submissive and willing to learn His words and be thoroughly equipped for exploits in life?
Where are the youths? God seeks for not just the available youths, but the available as well as the usable youths.

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