Monday, May 14, 2012


Message by Oyelakin Gbolahan

It is imperative for anyone who is willing to live a purposeful life on earth to firstly understand God’s central plan for mankind. The central plan of God is to establish His Kingdom on earth. Matthew 6:9-10.
The elements of His Kingdom are: Righteousness, Peace, Joy & Justice which are only possible through the Holy Spirit. This is a kingdom that is about the worship of God. God is seeking for those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth. John 4:23-24. Worship suggests a relationship between God and His worshippers; the fact that we have relationship with Him also suggests intimacy and intimacy suggests true love. Whoever does not love God cannot live a purposeful life.
We are made in the image of God and in His likeness in order to establish God’s kingdom and reign as kings and His priests on earth. Psalms 82:5-6; Psalms 138:14; Revelation 5:10.
God has a sovereign agenda, project or programme from which every created human being made in His image and likeness finds his/her purpose and reason for existence. This programme is called DOMINION. That is rulership. Genesis 1:28. His eternal intention is to establish His Kingdom on Earth. So, the Dominion Programme/Project is all about the Kingdom of God. You are a product of God - the Awesome and Creative Manufacturer. He manufactured you in Christ for a specific purpose embedded in His eternal purpose. Ephesians 2:10.
When God released you into planet Earth, He has a specific domain He 
wants you to dominate for Him and establish His Kingdom there. You are a king and regardless of what you are passing through or situation you are in, you are a king.

Before God created man and released Him to dominate the World, He made all things that will enhance the fulfillment of this mission. The orderliness in the arrangement of the universe suggests the truthfulness of this proposition.
A true King who will take over his assigned, God’s given domain is the man who walks and lives daily in the likeness and image of God. This is the glory of God in man that dethrones lords of the Earth and enthrones Him. But, "for all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23. Every man was conceived and born in sin. Psalms 51:5. You need to first of all be regenerated and be saved to receive this glory which was lost in the Garden of Eden. You need to receive Jesus Christ into your life. Are you saved? Are you a man in His likeness and image?
Many youths are running today without the view of God's agenda because they are not saved. Such are 
pursuing pointless agenda and running without purpose. It is not sufficient to be religiously devoted like Bro. Nicodemus (John 3:1-21), Captain Cornelius (Acts 10) and the Ethiopian Official (Acts 8:26-39). No man can operate in the Kingdom of God except being born again. John 3:3-5.
Therefore, the reason some people live a frustrated life is not because they don't have what it takes to succeed. It is because they are not born again and fail to identify their domain, dominate it and establish God's Kingdom. A life with purpose is the one that has significance with the Kingdom of God, using all his wisdom, abilities, talents, positions, wealth and resources to advance God's Kingdom in his domain.
For anyone to identify his or her purpose in life in view of God’s agenda, you must:-
          Develop a heavenly perspective. Have a global Christ-centered worldview. In this worldview, there is a direct connection between the spiritual and physical realm – with Christ being over all. Colossians 1:15-23; 2:9. Therefore, the society and government wherein a large measure based upon a belief that whatever God said in the Bible was right. Church laws and legal precedents in common and civil law flowed from biblical and Church sources. This worldview is called “theism.”
For God to work through humanity and establish His kingdom on earth, there are seven gates of human society that must be affected and taken over. That is, there are 7 major areas of life which I refer to as GATES OF HUMANITY that God has given to man as domains in order to establish His Kingdom:-

     1. The Gate of Government – LEADERSHIP.
     2. The Gate of Media and Communication – FASHION & STYLE, MUSIC, ENTERAINMENT,  FILM (AUDIO-VISUAL), JOURNALISM, etc.
     3. The Gate of the marketplace – BUSINESS & ECONOMY.
     4.  The Gate of the Arts – CULTURE & HUMAN TRADITIONS.
     5. The Gate of Education – INTELLLECT.
     6. The Gate of Family – MARRIAGE, HOME & RELATIONSHIPS.
     7. The Gate of Church & Ministry – RELIGION.

Imagine what each of this look like if they were truly founded on Scriptures.


“There are probably many young men in every city who have the potential to be the very best players or professionals and dream about doing it, but never will.”
Many potentially great musicians will spend their lives listening to others perform at the theatre. Many potentially great Footballers will spend their lives watching others play on the pitch. Many persons who could be gifted businessmen, artists, scientists, statesmen, doctors, lawyers, writers or ministers will probably spend their lives doing something they are bored with rather than fulfilling their talents. This is tragic, but an even greater tragedy is Christians who are not fulfilling their callings in the body of Christ.
We can be sure we will be frustrated if we do not fulfill our natural talents. That frustration is even greater, however, if we do not fulfill our spiritual destiny. Every Christian has a ministry, a purpose he or she has been given in this life. The Scriptures state that we were foreknown and called by God before the foundation of the world. Yet, the Scriptures also teach that “many are called, but few are chosen [or go beyond calling to commissioning” (Matthew 22:14). Many are like Israelites who were called to go to the Promised Land but spent their lives wandering in circles in the wilderness.
God does not want us to live in perpetual frustration or boredom that comes from not walking in our true purpose. The first step in getting out of our wilderness is the belief that God has something better for us – and that He is able to bring us into it.


The following characteristics can be found throughout the Scriptures in the biographies of those who fulfilled God’s purpose in their generation:
     1. They have a clear vision of their purpose.
     2. They stay focused on their goal.
     3. They have the wisdom and resolve to gather the necessary resources or training to accomplish their purpose.
     4. They do not associate with “problem-oriented people” (and not just resulted oriented people because people can be so desperate and go to any length or any where to get results) but with “solution-oriented people.”
     5. They refuse to let obstacles or oppositions stop them; they stay resolutely on the course to fulfilling their purpose, regardless of setbacks, disappointment, discouragement and hindrances or limitations.
     6. They have incontestable faith that moved mountains, quenched wild fires, stopped lion’s mouths and raised the dead.


The following are just few examples of men and women who fulfilled specific purposes of God in their lifetime.
     1.  Abraham – “Father of Faith” of many nations.
     2.  Moses – Deliverer or Rescuer of the people of Israel.
     3.  Joshua – Leader of the Israelites to Promised Land.
     4.  Samson – Deliver of the Israelites from the Philistines.
     5.  Jesus – Saviour or Peace Giver of the universe.
     6.  Paul – Defender, Apologist and Fighter of Faith and Pioneer/Founder of Gentile Missions.
     7. Joseph – Deliverer or Saviour of Israelites in a major world Famine.
     8. David – Reputable Leader of Israel (Portrait of a god-fearing, passionate leader).
     9. John the Baptist – Forerunner of Jesus Christ (prepare the way for Christ’s ministry about the Kingdom of God).
    10. Solomon – Builder of God’s temple that brought all the nations of Israel to worship God in Jerusalem. That’s why he did not fight any war during his reign.
    11. Mary – The Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ who was a virgin.
    12. Deborah – A Mother in Israel.
    13. Esther – Deliverer of the Israelites in the Persian Empire.

 There are certain features that were common to all of these great heroes:
     1. Specific encounter with God.
     2. Resolute Faith.
     3.  Absolute Obedience.
     4. God’s Mercy and Grace.
     5. They ran energetically and diligently worked or labored. They were not indolent or lazy. They were fully engaged and not idle.
     6. They all endured – Endurance.

Have you had a genuine encounter with God? You need to pray for God to visit you today. How much do you believe and trust in God and His written and spoken words? How much do you obey Him? How diligent are you in your service and devotion to Him? You need to answer these questions.

You must discover your God’s given specific assignment in life and put all your skills, abilities, wits, energy, experiences and eloquence into achieving it. Whatever you do that does not propagate God’s eternal plan, agenda and purpose is not a worthwhile and approved life endeavour. Quit right now. Only God can reveal His intention for your life.


      1.   SELF (YOU) – The real you is on the inside. This is the greatest threat to your purpose. E.g. Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane. Matthew 26:39 – Let this cup pass over me. His humanity threatened His purpose but He prevailed. You must always prevail over your humanity.
      2.   UNTAMED PASSIONS – Lust of a gifted man e.g. Solomon, Samson, Demas (2 Timothy 4:10). Those who are blessed physically and well-endowed are usually threatened with the same against their purpose.
      3.  LOOSE TEMPARAMENTS – Moses’ anger, Devil’s Pride, lack of self-control, unforgiveness, arrogance, pride, etc.
      4.  GREED – Judas Iscariot.
      5.   Other forms of Self Indulgences – Like, Disobedience, Over-ambition, Aggression, etc. Galatians 5:19-21, Romans 1:18-32.
      6.   OVER CONFIDENCE – Self dependence usually results to over confidence. Our sufficiency is of Christ.
      7.   LAZINESS
      8.   CULTURE AND HUMAN TRADITION – Culture of the Pharisees, Jezebelian Culture.
      9.   HERESIES, FALSE TEACHINGS, LIES AND DECEPTIONS – Hymeneus and Philetus 2 Timothy 2:17-18, 2 Timothy 3; 1 Timothy 6.
     10. REBELLION AND OPPOSITION TO TRUTH – James and Jambres opposed Moses 2 Timothy 3:8-9.
     11. TERMINAL DISEASES AND INFIRMITIES – Other sickness that have defiled healing. Woman with the issue blood Luke 8:43.

I speak to your life today that whatever is standing on your way with an aim to hinder you from fulfilling purpose is removed in Jesus’ name. AMEN.

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