Monday, June 11, 2012


Message by Oyelakin Gbolahan Pearl

Generations have come and gone! But things seem to be unchanged, despite the different revivals and spiritual awakening that had been. The assessment of the current conditions of our nation as in the national disorderliness, crises, killings and maiming of lives and destruction of properties; the national maladies became prominent not as a result of the most recent global economic depression or anarchy. But due to SPIRITUAL DEPRAVITY, a grave deterioration and retrogression. This decline has been revealed in every ramifications of humanity. Romans 1:18-32.

The ongoing universal panging simply suggests one thing - "there is a doom ahead of this generation (that only God can remove) should we persist in the current trend." When the tide of evil and the power of wickedness threatens to overwhelm the Church, "The Spirit of God raise a resistance." Isa.59:19. The reason we need to seek a boon of God for divine intervention.

I have read, researched and recounted the movements of God in revival throughout major years in world history. The Azusa Street revival, The Welsh revival, The Hebrides revival, Irish revival, Shantung revival, Asbury revival, Monk's revival, etc are indeed notable periods; but I always asked why these experiences never outlived those generations. Why doesn't REVIVAL LAST?

Obviously, we need more than a revival. We need a REFORMATION that will ensure total transformation of all and sundry. We need events that will make us contain God's visitation and His supernatural manifest presence in an overwhelming reality. We need a change of status quo, a change of policies, programmes and processes, a change of mindset, a change from paganism to a Christ-centered system, a change from mere awareness of God to a life inhabited by Holy Spirit.

We need a change from man-made enthusiasm, face-value devotion & service to God and emotionalism that is superficial and cheap to a fearsome manifest of true conviction of one's sinfulness grounded in the reality of physical helplessness provoking genuine response towards God.

Consequently, we move with "guided" passion in righteousness and take necessary corrective actions/measures. This is what we need. This is what REFORMATION entails. We need more than just a rekindling, more than just a resurrection and more than just an awakening. We need a commensurate labour with God to rebuild our brokenness, repair the spoils and re-institute the destroyed standards. This is the legacy we can leave for the coming generation.

We need young men and women that will turn the world upside down for God and establish His Kingdom. Acts 17:6. We need Christians that will boldly SPEAK OUT and courageously confront the decadence that plagues us.
We need a Reformation that is accompanied with a profound realization of God's sovereignty, greatness, transcendence, self unworthiness and sheer dependence on Him.

"I have great confidence in the gospel of Christ; it is God's power to save all the world and salvage our predicaments." Romans 1:16 (Emphasized). The word of God strengthened with consistent, passionate and prevailing prayers is the greatest weapon for reformation. A people armed with TRUTH (God's word) and prevailing prayers are emerging fast. They are God's end time army that will never break their ranks. They shall be willing in the days of His power. Psalms 110:3.

God's revelation of His manifest presence (as He visits and intervenes) must set us out to deeply work and labour to reform our societies and nations. We must arise to possess the gates of the enemy, set the captives of the mighty free and retrieve the preys of the terrible/wicked ones. We must set out to rebuild our ruins and repair the broken standards which form our foundation. We must arise to SAY NO to godlessness.

Why reformation tarries, we must all seek the face of God day and night in EARNEST PRAYERS like the reformers of old. Reformer Elijah prayed earnestly for the supernatural and he redirected the course of the universe to withhold rain for 3.5 yrs. King Ahab of Israel trembled and became subservient. 1 Kings 17-19; James 5:16-18. Reformer Daniel just has he always did prayed and King Nebuchadnezzar praised and worship our Supreme God. Daniel 5:34-37; 6:10-11. Reformer John Knox prayed fervently on his knees “Lord, Give me Scotland or I'll die!” No wonder Mary Queen of Scots trembled when he went to his knees in prayer. One time she even declared that she feared his prayers "more than an army in Europe". Jesus Christ prayed and the whole world became subservient as He gained victory over the world. John 16:32-33; 17:17-26. Matthew Henry, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, Charles G. Finney, Sir Thomas Buxton, Father Daniel Nash, Edward M. Bounds, Jim Elliot, Corrie Ten Boom, Billy Graham, Pa. John Elton and other contemporary prayer reformers are examples for us.

All world genuine reformers have one thing in common, that is PRAYERS while they rightly handled the word of God. The power of Revival, the power of Reformation and the power of Change lie in earnest prayers said from a contrite spirit reflecting the word of God.

Let's put all the jamborees behind us and put religious entertainment aside.

It's the set time to PUSH! Prayer Until Something Happens...


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